About Us

Nicole Morales is a midwife, mother, and storyteller who is interested in exploring the intersections of birth, story, and healing for both families and birth workers.  She has enjoyed her experiences of working in homebirth and as a Birthing from Within mentor.  She is looking forward to how her own story unravels as she shares it with the birth community in forming healthy alliances that draw from ancient and modern tools.  More can be found out about her at artofopening.com.

Jamie Mossay is deeply committed to birthing women, their families, and our birth worker community.  She has a rich background in bodywork, birth doula work, storytelling, and teaching/mentoring.  She brings creativity, mindfulness, intuition, and compassion to the classes and workshops she mentors, and is dedicated to these practices in her own life. Learn more about Jamie and her work at www.bearfootbirth.com.